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About Us

Houger is established in Iran by Ms. Salma Mahmoudi, and is rapidly growing and improving with the management and oversight of her. At the moment, the owners also manage the company internationally. They operate parts of Iran, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, while in other areas it is also rapidly developing.
Working across oceans, lands and cultures has its own challenges. Houger has dedicated himself to endless services and services for his customers. The size, specifications and networking of this company are designed for your prosperity. Hugger serves international and industrial companies, small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. Each project is managed in a confidential and professional manner, which enhances Houger′s growing profile.

Contact with Experts

Please contact your Hengur experts for advice and questions on the clearance of goods and all export and import affairs, so please contact the company's experts as soon as possible.

Top transit and clearance services worldwide

door-to-door transport

Houger has brought together representatives of all logistic agencies and agencies around the world, and has trained experts in all aspects of the transportation process to increase the accuracy and sensitivity of the work in providing services to keep the process up to the customer′s satisfaction.Houger has the ability to carry any kind of cargo and goods from anywhere in the world, from any company or any storehouse, and can carry the shipment to the ports at the final destination. This capability includes all logistics stages within countries. Hugger provides a full door-to-door transport service, and valuable orders can be managed by phone or online.

Shipment of small consignments

When you′re shopping internationally, you usually buy your shipments from more than one seller in a region, city or country. Houger, through a global and professional network, can aggregate multiple purchases from different vendors and resources from one person to another, and deliver your shipments more economically than market rates. The supplier may choose one of these two methods according to the terms of sale: either ship the goods directly to our warehouse or contact us to carry out the coordination of the goods from the supplier′s address.

Houger can help reduce shipping costs by aggregating loads, including: Consolidated Load Containers (PCC), Lighter than Container (LCL), Freight Container (FCL)


Brokerage clearance along with delivery

Houger is a full-fledged customs broker that disposes of your goods, regardless of their type, in customs throughout the world.

Houger quickly and efficiently performs the entire administrative process of your shipping documents, and speeds up clearance of your goods from the customs in order to save you time.


Calculate shipping costs and clearance

Huger will diagnose the proper transportation of your product according to your data, and then offer your services according to your requirements and the facilities and laws of the countries of origin and destination. We carry your supplies and goods on time and at an affordable cost, with the most up-to-date logistics technology. As long as you are in contact with Hugger, you can rest assured that your shipping needs will be secured from packaging, warehousing, loading, delivering documents and clearing your goods from customs to delivery of goods at the final destination.      

Please enter your shipping information correctly so that Hugger experts can guide you. If you have any questions, you can also contact Hugger Support.                                                                            

Customer Reviews


Petro Nobel Company

 Doing things with high precision and planning to do things. Using work ideas and using creative ideas to bring about change will do their utmost to maintain customers, and their efforts are to It attracts more customers and, of course, uses a variety of ways to increase the quality of services and products.




International Trust Middle East Company

Thanks to the collaboration and synergy of Hugger′s professional team since the introduction of this respectable company by employing highly experienced and professional international trade professionals who are fully committed to making the most of the customer′s satisfaction and scoring. We have done projects, we are grateful and grateful. With the hope of achieving all the goals and successes in the field of international trade.



Touran Qeshm Energy Co.

Working with a professional, up-to-date and specializing in today′s business is a blessing. Houger is doing his best with the love of his clients.


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